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[Book Review] How To Actually Get Work Done When You Run Your Own Business

As most people know I am a real big proponent of the "leaders are readers" mantra. I am always new and amazing books on how improve my work life balance. I think I finally found the mother load of productivity books. As a web developer/digital marketer I need to constantly manage my projects, update clients and not miss the details. 

While researching tools and software on better project management I came across the book 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen many times that i finally bought the book despite it's awful cover. Getting things done is to project management (or work life balance) what Dave Ramesy's envelope system is to managing your money.  Both systems are a bit convoluted but have nuggets of great and useful life applications. Getting Things Done focus on really just organizing you life into what is important and setting up tools and systems to improve your day.

One tool (for Mac/iPad/iPhone) that I found that really helps you fully use the GTD system is FireTask. FireTask is more than a ToDo application like most GTD software claim to be. FireTask helps you organize everything into projects, a calendar and more! My favorite part of FireTask is that it only shows you what you need to do today and not stress about everything you do. 

You can view an older demo of the system below!


So this is my quick summary of 'Getting Things Done' and Firetask. Please visit my links to 'Getting Things Done' on Amazon if you would like to purchase the book. Every purchase from this link will help my channel so I can bring you more amazing content.