Why I Am Starting Ford’s Tech Help

Submitted by pfhenley86 on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 11:20
Why I am Starting

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new channel and website Ford’s Tech Help!

The purpose of this channel and website is to help non-tech people have a better grasp of how to use the technology they have and how to better utilize technology for their business.

I will focus on simple how-to videos for the computer novices out there

I will provide reviews on amazing new technology that will help the productivity of your business and save you money.

I will provide quick online marketing lessons to help you either get your business into the digital age or help you better understand what you are doing online.

My goal is for this channel and website to help everyone understand the technology and show you how it can help your business.

I also hope to offer a fully immersive online marketing course in the near future with step by step instructions on how to run your business online.

So, if this sounds like a topic you want to learn more about please subscribe to my newsletter and share my channel so I can keep the amazing content coming!

Please also check out my website fordstechhelp.com to stay up to date on my latest posts and offerings

Thank you for watching and have a great day!